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About Tim McGrath

Tim McGrath, President, joined Health and Science Center, Inc. in 1980 after 5 years with US Department of Health and Human Services. He is responsible for Long Term Care and Retirement search activities in the area of operations. His background includes: • Business Development Hired as an Associate Director to developed searches in the nursing home field. Mr. McGrath developed Health and Science Center’s efforts in this area from a regional to nationwide scope. He has expanded Health and Science Center’s staff as growth in business warranted. • Executive Search Searches conducted under his tenure at Health and Science Center include physician recruitment, operations, allied therapy and pharmacy. For the past 20 years he has mainly directed his efforts in the area of long term care and retirement operations. • Publications and Speaking Articles by Mr. McGrath have been requested and published by newspapers and healthcare publications. His information on various issues has been solicited and used in other articles by journalists and editors. He has spoken and conducted seminars for healthcare and recruitment professionals. • Committee Associations and Memberships Has served on numerous boards and committees related to eldercare personnel, and healthcare issues.

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