Happy Memorial Day…
When I was younger, the Memorial Day weekend meant going to the Jersey Shore with friends, putting up with rainy, 55 degree temperatures and 30 mile-an-hour winds…until 3pm on Monday, when the sun came out, the wind fell to a pleasant breeze, and the temperature raced up to 80 – all as we were starting the long drive home. Now, with the Covid-19 pandemic, that memory looks just fine to me.
All of us at Health and Science Center wish all of you a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. We know that you, like us, will also remember those for whom the day commemorates, and keep in thoughts those fellow citizens serving our country, be they stationed away from home, in harm’s way around the globe, and right down the street, in our hospitals eldercare centers, post offices, even in our supermarkets and pharmacies.
So Happy Memorial Day – and for the sake of those we meet, wear a mask!


We’re Still Here…
Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, we are working from home in compliance with Governor Wolf’s order.
So…we are not in the office technically, but still working with our clients, candidates, referrals, contacts and vendors from our homes. Here are our extensions:
1. Tim McGrath ext. 3009 (;
2. Carrie McGowan ext. 3001 ( );
3. Marty McGowan ext. 3008 (; and
4. General Message ext. 3000.

As we have for fifty years, we continue to do our utmost for our clients and candidates and will certainly keep you up to date on our progress regarding your job or employment search. Some clients have understandably put some searches on hold as they focus on the work at hand, while others continue to look immediately for new leadership to assist their efforts in combatting this emergency.

So many of you are on the front lines during this crisis: at skilled nursing facilities, assisted living and personal care centers, rehab facilities, retirement communities, and hospitals. Please know you are present in our thoughts and in our daily prayers. Your devotion to duty, compassion, and courage are an example and inspiration for all of us.

And for those of you who, like us, are a step or two away from direct contact with this virus, please join us in recognizing those heroes’ needs: perhaps a donation to the Red Cross or the health service of your choosing, or even sending a couple of pizzas to that health care facility, maybe blocks away, where this crisis is being met daily and fearlessly by family members and neighbors.

Emerson wrote that “Courage exists in equality to the problems before us.” We may not be seeing that among our political leaders, but it’s plainly evident in the field we help to serve.

We wish you all the best of health and for a safe outcome to this challenge.
Tim McGrath


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