Summer’s (Nearly) Over

Even though I’m on the “back nine” career wise, I still get that “Oh-God-school’s-starting-in a-month” feeling in my stomach as the end of August approaches. It’s just for a second, but long enough for me to ask myself if I’ve finished the summer reading book list yet (I never, ever did, by the way – and if I die and go to hell it will be a locked room, forever damned to read A Separate Peace over and over and over…).

But cheer up, gentle reader: our latest list of openings is one click away. While they’re not as well written as King Solomon’s Mines, Cimarron, Dracula, or The Martian Chronicles (now those I read), they’re a lot more noteworthy both financially or job fulfillment wise than A Separate Peace…honest.

Happy Hunting,

Tim McGrath

P.S. Truth be told….I never finished The Martian Chronicles, either…


Welcome Pam!

We are happy to announce that Pam Reiger has joined our team.

Pam has been a fixture in eldercare leadership in the mid-Atlantic, as an Assisted Living Administrator, Marketing Director and Consultant. Her passion, standards, and upbeat approach have contributed to many success stories in eldercare leadership, and we are glad to have her aboard.

Pam will be concentrating on operations, marketing, and clinical searches below the Mason-Dixon Line into the southeast. Welcome, Pam….and thanks for joining us!












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