Summer Reading

Here we are, with August steaming into September.

No matter how old I am, this is always the time of the summer where an exclamation mark pops in my head, reminding me I haven’t started the summer reading assignments yet…and the last time I had summer reading to do, Lyndon Johnson was president.

Some of the assigned books were terrific: King Solomon’s Mines, Von Ryan’s Express (unlike the movie, Ryan lives), and Cry, the Beloved Country come to mind. But there were others – North from Rome, The Martian Chronicles – that left me cold. And of course, there was A Separate Peace, the all-time psychodrama for high school boys to…well, endure is as good a word as any.

We hope you find our list of openings a bit more entertaining – no Cliff Notes required. Hope you’re all enjoying the summer!

Happy Hunting,


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