All of us at Health and Science Center wish all of you a safe and healthy 2022. And we extend our prayers and hopes that you, your families, colleagues, staff, residents, and their families stay safe and healthy as we collectively do what it takes to overcome and (hopefully) tame this pandemic. You lead us by your unstinting example of courage, persistence, and grace – as you have for the past two years.

In working for our clients, my colleagues and I hear a common reply when we ask the typical headhunter’s question: “Do you know of anyone looking?” The answer is frequently personal: “I’d love to look at new opportunities, but I have a responsibility to see this through where I am” – be it at the campus, regional, or corporate level.

Hemingway defined courage as “grace under pressure.” That’s an apt description of what so many of you have shown us throughout your careers, but more so than ever these past two years. That said, our clients’ needs are posted on our website as usual. When you’re ready to start looking, there will be new opportunities for you to explore, believe you me.

After Robert Kennedy’s death, a journalist recalled seeing handwritten signs on the campaign’s airplane seats in California: Viajando Juntos – “traveling together.” Thanks to you, that’s what we can do, under your example, and your leadership.

So stay safe, happy hunting…and if you’re not already, get vaccinated.



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